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You want to research your family tree but where do you start? This web site is dedicated to 'newbies', folks who want to research there family tree but don't know how or where to begin, what to do and where to go. This site will help answer a few questions:

What do you do first? What resources are available? Is there software that can help record and organize your research? Is there free software available???

Once you have begun your research, how do you share your work? Your family has a rich history in the military, farming, can you honour that part of your family history?

Can Surveys help you? Are there Tips and Tricks to researching your family tree? What are some of the best Links on the web for researching your family tree?

Start at the 'How to Begin' page, move through each page of the web site, and learn how to begin your incredible journey researching your family tree. Enjoy!