1905 Arthur Frederick Hopper
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Arthur's arrival in New York 1905


Arthur F. Hopper

Ethnicity: English
Place of Residence:  Northampton, Eng.
Date of Arrival:  July 9, 1905
Age on Arrival:  24y
Gender:  M
Marital Status:  S
Ship of Travel:  St. Louis
Port of Departure:  Southampton, Southamptonshire, England, UK



Arthur's arrival in 1906


Arthur F. Hopper

Note above the entry:

Transferred from Steerage to Second Cabin at Sea

*Arthur is listed with two other fellow, all list the same 'Last Residence' - Northampton and the same 'Friend'.'

No. on List: 27
Name in Full:  Arthur F. Hopper
Age - Yrs:  24
Age - Mos:   (check mark in this column)
Sex:  M
Married or Single:  S
Calling or Occupation:  Bricklayer
Able to Read:  Yes
Able to Write:  Yes
Nationality (Country of last permanent residence):  English
Race or People:  English
Last Residence (Province, City, or Town):  Northampton, Eng
Final Destination (State, City, or Town):
 New York, NY
Whether having a ticket to such final destination: Yes
By whom was passage paid?:  Self
Whether in possession of $50.00, and if less, how much?:  50.00
Whether ever before in the United States; and if so, when and where?: No  
Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address:  Friend here, (from above) Bert Knott, 131st St + 8th Ave, New York #274  8th Ave
Ever in prison or almshouse, or institution for care of the insane or supported by charity? If so, which?:  No
Whether a Polygamist:  No
Whether an Anarchist:  No
Whether (illegible - regarding labor?) - No
Condition of Health, Mental, and Physical:  Good
Deformed or Crippled, Nature, length of time, and cause:  No


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