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Corporal Edmund Arnsby

Name: Edmund Arnsby   
(Sometimes listed in Army Records as Edward)

Born: June 12, 1832
At: Middlesex, London, England
Christened: February 3, 1842
At: St. John the Baptist, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Died: April 11, 1877
At: 11 Edward Street, Mount Pleasant ,Liverpool, England
Cause of Death: Consumption (A wasting away of the body, tuberculosis)

Regiment: British Army 87th Regiment
                   Royal Irish Fusiliers

Rank: Corporal

Description on Discharge

Age: 40 years 11 months
Height: 5' 7 3/4"
Complexion: Fresh
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
Marks and Scars: Scar over right eye brow

Occupation: 1851 Batman - Census, Soldier

Military Record

April 7, 1851 - 94th Regiment of Foot at Westminster, London (Age 18 years 9 months)

March 21, 1854 - September 16, 1854 - Travelling by sea and land back to England. Private Edmund Arnsby 9 days in Regimental Hospital, Chatham, Kent, England.

November 30, 1854 - Volunteer for 18th Regiment of Foot for engagement in Crimea.

December 27, 1854 - 18th Regiment of Foot disembarked in Scutari, Turkey, on the Black Sea.

(Note: 12,000 British and French died that winter at Scutari due to cholera, a scourge throughout the war, and severe frostbite due to very inadequate winter clothing. Cholera first carried by French troops from Marseilles)

Spring 1856 - 18th Regiment left Crimea

1959 - India - in Jullundur, the Punjab

Muster List commences April 1859 in Madras - Regiment shown at "Sea on passage from Madras to China in H.M. Steamer 'Fury' January/March 1860.

Found with the 44th Regiment of Foot in 1860. Both the 44th and 87th Regiments left India in connection with the China War 1857-1860.

The Muster Roll of the 44th Regiment of Foot does not clearly indicate the regiment returning home to England, but Edmund Arnsby is listed on the roll for 21 days.

The Muster Book of the 87th Regiment of Foot shows officers travelling from Hong Kong to Southampton, from Woolwich to Kingston, and from Table Bay to Kingstown.

Several officers and men are noted as being from the 44th Regiment of Foot, and , like Edmund, would have been temporarily attached.

March 20 - June 30, 1860 - Journey through India to embark at Calcutta for China. Operation with French army under Napoleon III to force observance of treaties of 1858. The 87th stationed in Canton to hold the garrison.

December 17, 1860 - Edmund Arnsby promoted to Corporal.

December 22 - June 30, 1861 - Return journey from China to England. Two days march to embark for Dublin. 87th Regiment in Dublin, Corpoarl Arnsby reenlisted for further 11 years.

December 20 - January 20, 1862 - Cpl Edmund Arnsby on furlough.

January 20, 1862 - January 1863 - stationed at Camp Curragh, County Kildare, Ireland

May 1865 - serving as a Corporal in the 87th Regiment and was stationed at the Anglesey Barrack, Portsea, Hampshire.

April 1867 - Malta

March 1870 - Gibraltar

March 28, 1872 - Left Malta en route for Chichester, England for official discharge having ended the term of his engagement with the 87th Regiment of Foot, Royal Irish Fusiliers.


  • 4 Good Conduct Badges
  • Crimean Medal
  • Turkish Medal
  • India Mutiny Medal with clasp for Sebastopol

Brother of:

  Henry Alfred Arnsby

Father of:

  Lt. Ned Arnsby
  S/Sgt. Bob Arnsby

Grand Uncle of:

  Albert Ford

Grandfather of:

  Major Con Arnsby
  Major Ted Arnsby
  Lt. Cyril Arnsby
  Gunner Bobby Arnsby
  Capt. Ted Arnsby  
  Sgt Joe Arnsby
  Michael/Fred Arnsby
  Sgt. Eileen Arnsby
  Living Arnsby

GrandFather -in-law of:

  Jack Donelly
  Capt. Paddy Mathews

Great Grandfather of:

  Lt. Patrick Arnsby
  Living Arnsby
  Living Arnsby

GG Grandfather of:

  Living Arnsby



Cpl Edmund Arnsby

Cpl Edmund Arnsby


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