The Woodenbridge Hotel postcard.

The original postcard.

The back of the Woodenbridge Hotel postcard.

The back of the postcard.

The date found in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.

The date - June 26, 1909 - discovered in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.


The family has a very old picture postcard of a group of people standing in front of the Woodenbridge Hotel, an ‘x’ over the head of the third man from the left.

On the back of the postcard, text that is handwritten and says - Dad - (Robert Henry marked with x). Written by Eileen Marie Arnsby, youngest daughter of Robert Henry Arnsby and his wife Delia (Mary Anne?) Connors (the couple had eleven children).

We had no idea when the picture was taken, where the Woodenbridge Hotel was and what event occurred that caused this group of men, woman, and children to gather for a photograph.

Cousin Joanne found the 'where', she discovered the Woodenbridge Hotel in Ireland. The oldest Hotel in Ireland, the Woodenbridge Hotel was licensed in 1608. Situated in the Vale of Avoca, Co Wicklow, Ireland.  

Discovering when picture was taken was a lucky break. The postcard is old, worn and discoloured; an attempt was made to restore it. Scanned at a larger size than the actual image and at a high resolution, the restoration of the image began and that's when we discovered a date written in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. Very exciting!

We know where the picture was taken and when the picture was taken but why was the picture taken???

Robert Henry was in the Army, was this a gathering of military families????

Robert’s wife Delia was the daughter of Walter Connors and his wife Mary O’Driscall, both from Ireland. Was this a gathering of Delia’s family???

Anyone with information, please contact us.

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The restored Woodenbridge Hotel picture
The restored Woodbridge Hotel picture.