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S/Sgt. Walter Connors

Born: April 5, 1836
At: Killannon County, Galway, Ireland

Enlisted: 15th March 1853
Limerick, Ireland

Regiment: 23rd Irish Fusiliers, 88th Reg. of Foot Connaught Rangers

Service Abroad: including India 15 250/365 years

Description on Date of Discharge
April 6, 1875 Galway, Ireland

Age: 39 years
Height: 5' 10'
Complexion: Fresh
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Marks or scars: Nil

Military Record

March 15, 1853 - Enlisted with the 23rd Irish Fusiliers at Limerick, Ireland until approximately December 15, 1853. (Authority: Army Account Book '9 months to serve with an elder brother').

December 15, 1853 (approx) - Transferred to the 88th Regiment of Foot, The Connaught Rangers.

April 5, 1854 - Embarked for Turkey.

August 31, 1854 - Embarked for the Crimea.

Served in the battles of Alma, Inkerman and the seige of Sebastopol.

May 11, 1855 - Severely wounded on before Sebastopol by the explosion of a shell in the arm and face.
(Authority: Account Book)

Left Brigade of Light Division under command of General Buller with 10 field batteries

July 21, 1856 - Landed in England.

July 17, 1857 - Embarked for The East Indies (India).

November 1857 - Arrived with the 88th in India for Mutiny Service to relief of Cawnpore ________ Col. Maxwell.

August 1, 1865 - Promoted to Corporal on .

December 22, 1870 - Landed in England.

September 22, 1871 - document stating no next of kin, signed Walter Connors.

1872: Portsmouth, England

1873: Aldershot, England

December 18, 1873 - Promoted to Sergeant.

March 17, 1875 - Dishcarged having completed second period of limited engagement -21 years 22 days.

From account to 'Weekly Freeman' we learn that Walter re-enlisted in the 4th Battalion, Connaught Rangers and was on the permanent staff at Renmore Barracks, Castlegar, Co. Galway for the last 21 years of his military life; that he was approximately age 60 on retirement (1860).

Above facts are from Sgt. Connors' Account Book from 1853 to 1874 and Certificate of Discharge of Limited Engagement issued 1875. Further information surmised from statement of final retirement published in 'Weekly Freeman'.

Crimea Medal with clasps for Alma, Inkerman, Sebastapol
Crimea Medal with clasps for Alma, Inkerman, Sebastapol
Crimea Medal
with clasps for Alma, Inkerman, Sebastapol
Indian Mutiny Medal with a clasp for Central India
Indian Mutiny Medal with a clasp for Central India
Indian Mutiny Medal
with clasp for
Central India
Turkish Medal
Turkish Medal
Turkish Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Good Conduct Medal

From: Our Military Correspondent
Special to:
The Weekly Freeman

1896, Aged 60

'Nullus Secumdum' writes to me from Galway under the date of May 24th;

'Sir - Convinced that those of your readers having a love of military matters would feel interested by the publication in the columns of your influential paper of the respect shown to one of the Crimean veterans, whose service expired on the 23rd inst, the term of service being forty-three years, twenty-one of which were spent on the permanent staff of the 4th Battalion Connaught Rangers, I wish, with your permission, to give a brief description of the splendid send-off of which he was the recipient. '

'On this morning, at 9:45, the full band and the whole of the permanent staff, the warrant officers, and non-commissioned officers of the depot were witnesses of the departure of this man of long-standing service in the army, Sergeant Walter Connors, from the depot to the railway station, situate about a mile away. The band accompanied him to the station and Adjutant and Captains Flanagan and Kelly and Lieutenant Brewer were amongst those forming the escort. 'Sergeant Connors is a man of fine physique, 5 ft. 9 in. in height, of soldierly bearing, with iron-gray moustache. A fluent speaker of the Irish language, an Irishman born, quiet, unpretending and unobtrusive, possessing many social qualities, he was always singled out to drill the Irish-speaking recruits by his superiors. He honourably won the field of battle the following medal and clasp; is also in possession of the medal for long service and good conduct, and has been recommended for the meritorious medal.

When the departing veteran reached the barrack gate, through which he was to leave the service for ever, his emotions quite overcame him, and the many friends he had made during his later years were scarcely less moved. As the train steamed past the bridge of Renmore Barracks, a place associated with many happy memories, the cheering for the fine old soldier was loud and long.'

From the Diary of Nathanial Hawthorne
April 3, 1854

'I stood on the Exchange at noon today to see the 88th Reg. of the Connaught Rangers marching down to embark for the Crimea. These were a body of young, healthy & cheerful-looking men: and looked greatly better than the dirty crowd that thronged to gaze at them........I questioned with myself, how many of these ruddy-cheeked young fellows, marching so stoutly away, would ever tread English ground again!'

Eighty Eight Regiment
of Connaught Rangers

Parchment Certificate of Discharge
Sgt. Walter Connors

This is to certify that No.2980 Sergeant Walter Connors born in the parish of Killannon in or near the town of Galway in the County of Galway was enlisted at Limerick for the 23rd Fusiliers on the 15th March 1853 at the age of 17 years. That the Service he is entitled to reckon is - 21 years and 22 days toward the completion of his 1st & Second term of limited engagement. 21 years - 22 days towards Good Conduct pay and Pension.

That he is discharged in consequence of his having claimed it on termination of his Second period of limited engagement.

Service Abroad: including India 15 250/365 years


  • Crimean Medal & clasps for Alma, Inkerman, Sebastapol
  • Turkish Medal
  • Indian Mutiny Medal & clasp for Central India
  • Good Conduct Medal

Dated at Galway ? Brigade Depot (Signed Colonel (?) )
16 day of March, 1875
Adjutant General's Office, Dublin
6th day of April, 1875

Discharge of Sgt. Walter Connors Confirmed Signed (?)Character - His character has been very good. He is in possession of five good conduct badges, The Crimean Medal with three clasps for Alma, Inkerman & Sebastapol. Turkish Medal. Indian Mutiny Medal & Clasp for Central India and Good Conduct Medal.

(Above handwritten by & Signed, Colonel (?) 68th Sub-District Galway 17/3/75

Particulars of Marching Money issued to Sgt. W. Connors
By Whom - Major and pay Master Geo. Elliott
Five pounds from fine fund as a gratuity:
Signed Geo. Elliott Major
Pay Master 68 Bd. Depot

(In Sgt. Connor's writing)

Received from Major Staff Office of ? Ennis District, the (sum) of Ten Pounds sterling the amount of gratuity awarded me for Long Service and Good Conduct.

Dated at Loughree, Walter Connors, Sgt.
1st June, 1875 Militia
Intended Place of Residence: Loughnee Co.


Father-in-Law of:

  S/Sgt. Bob Arnsby

Grandfather of:

  Gunner Bobby Arnsby
  Capt. Ted Arnsby
  Joe Arnsby
  Michael/Fred Arnsby
  Sgt. Eileen Arnsby
  Living Arnsby

Great Grandfather of:

  Living Arnsby
  Living Arnsby

GG Grandfather of:

  Living Arnsby



S/Sgt Walter Connors

S/Sgt Walter Connors


S/Sgt Walter Connors

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